All places of work have people issues; what is broadly described as ‘People Management’. You might, for example, have to deal with a flexible working application or a disciplinary or performance process. You may have an employee on long-term sick or one that requires adjustments due to their disability.

I have represented employers and employees in Tribunal on all of these issues and understand how Judges deal with them. If you instruct me early it can ensure that the issue is resolved efficiently and in accordance with the law so as to protect you from any future claim.

Below is a quote from Ivor Rosenthal, owner of Kellmatt Limited: -

I thought it necessary to write to you today, as I was so impressed with your knowledge with respect to our concerns within the Employment law sphere. Your professionalism and presentation were much to be admired’

Do not hesitate to be in touch if you would welcome a free, no obligation consultation. If the matter is simple I might be able to deal with it there and then for no charge. If the matter is more difficult, you will be given a fixed fee quote for any advice given: this may be in the form of a tailor made written advice or given at a face to face meeting either at my office or yours.

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