Nicholas Singer-9408 low-resMy career

I graduated with an MA Hons in History from Cambridge University in 2003. I then did the law conversion course at City University followed by the Bar Vocational Course at the Inns of Court School of Law where I was rated in the top 15% of the year. My legal career training began at 42 Bedford Row Chambers where I was offered a permanent place. I remain a member of Chambers.

During my career I have advised and represented start ups, Small and Medium Enterprises and some of the country’s largest employers including a major supermarket chain, a large bank, a university, a nationwide delivery company and numerous local authorities. I have also advised and represented a wide variety of Claimants in a number of sectors including law, education, medicine and the public sector.

I supply extensive written and face to face advice to clients, attend disciplinary hearings and high value negotiations. I have also attended hundreds of Tribunal hearings, including many complex multi-day trials. Rest assured, when I am giving you my opinion, it is based on the experience of appearing repeatedly before the men and women who will ultimately pass Judgement on your case.

So if you are looking for practical and cost effective advice to ensure that disputes are either prevented from arising at all or resolved quickly then I am the right barrister for you. If this cannot be achieved then you will have a lawyer who will represent you robustly to ensure the best possible outcome.

What is Direct Access?

The Direct Access scheme means you can come to me directly without the need to instruct a solicitor as well.

When you give me a call to discuss your case, I will be happy to answer any questions about the scheme and how it works.

Some of my cases

* I won £160,000 for my client in his case against his former employer which involved age discrimination and unfair dismissal. There was a Judicial Mediation which led to the settlement for my client.

*  I represented the Claimant in a case where, as a result of bad advice by a solicitor, she failed to put in a claim to the Employment Tribunal in the stipulated three months’ time period after leaving her employment. I successfully argued, on appeal, that her claim could proceed.

* I represented a nationally recognised employer in a complex case, which involved over 30 allegations and 10 witnesses. The employer won and the Judge, having heard my arguments, agreed that the Claimant lied.

*   I won £300,000 for my client in her case against her former employer which involved sex discrimination and race discrimination. There was a judicial mediation which led to the settlement for my client.

*  I successfully represented a nationwide employer in a complex 5 day race discrimination claim where the Claimant said he had been dismissed because of his race

* I won a case for a Local Authority, which included many allegations of discrimination made by a social worker . It was highly complex, lasted 10 days and involved many witnesses.

* I successfully represented someone who was the victim of racial discrimination winning them several thousand pounds in compensation.

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